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Ferske profiler 23. oktober 2018


Alder 51 fra Glenside, Pennsylvania Pålogget 4 dager siden
Kvinne søker Mann

Easy going, low maintenance, hard working girl that is looking for someone to share fun times with. I'm approachable & friendly, but kind of shy to make a first move in person.

new here trying out !!

Alder 32 fra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pålogget Nå
Kvinne søker Kvinne

Sweet funny loving caring outgoing energetic hardworking honnst awsome person too be around!!

cataclysmic waves that resonate desire

Alder 29 fra Raleigh, North Carolina Pålogget 4 dager siden
Kvinne søker Mann

an oddity. simply put. cats, jewlery, make-up, music, halloween, art, travelling, horror, movies. morbit. occult. macabre. any and everything, love it all.

if life gives you lemons, put them on

Alder 27 fra Valhalla, New York Pålogget Nå
Kvinne søker Mann

introverted, sensitive, intuitive, sweet, love reading books and listening to music.

Looking for friends with like interests.

Alder 37 fra Portland, Connecticut Pålogget I går
Kvinne søker Mann

I'm a mom of 4 kids. I listen to Goth, Metal, Rock,music.. Etc. I'm a Horror movie enthusiast.I love concerts, everything Halloween,Dressing up..etc..I love to sing..and do karaoke live and on-line. Etc...


Alder 39 fra Worcester, Massachusetts Pålogget 3 dager siden
Kvinne søker Mann

A go-getter,fun and adventurous, music is my passion

Don't be her!

Alder 45 fra Flint, Michigan Pålogget 2 dager siden
Kvinne søker Mann

Huh. I don't know what changed to violate their terms but o well. Hello all. My name is unimportant. I hate those corny we uick replies. Yeah I don't know what else to say right now. So till I can think of something this is it.